Which Road Base Material is Best For Me?

You Take the High Road…

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking to put in a drive way, easement, pathway, walk way, or parking pad somewhere in south Florida. Or maybe, you just want to keep weeds down around your house. If you are not a local, you may be thinking about crushed granite, or some other type of small gravel. Stone and gravel are not frequently found in Florida, so you will pay a premium for these materials. If you have a large area to cover – the costs build up quickly.

What we do have here in Florida is known as Road Base or FDOT Road Base. This is a wonderful, natural, renewable, material that is perfectly suited for roads, drives, paths, etc. in Florida. It is a combination of shell, crushed shell, pulverized shell, sand, calcium, lime, and other natural minerals.

Road base is centuries old shell and minerals. As sea life dies, they leave behind their shells. These shells build up over time and the bottom layers are crushed by the weight of the layers that build up on top. This bottom material, road base, is inexpensive, renewable, and makes a very stable driving surface. Road base also has a cool and pleasing white appearance, allows for some drainage, is easy to spread, and lasts a very, very long time. Even better – you and the kids get to find new shells in your own driveway!

Venice Hauling FDOT Road Base

Venice Hauling FDOT Road Base

In my opinion, road base is about as good as it gets in the low cost drive, parking or road material arena. We do have other options though.

Each has their pluses and minuses.

Thank you for your time! We hope this helps you make your decision. If you would like to talk about more road options, please email us or give us a call: (941) 221-2195 or (561) 502-5943